What A Young Living Membership Means For You!

Benefits of a Young Living Membership With Us!

You may be asking yourself why you should sign up for a Young Living Membership.  This is definitely a question we answer all the time and encourage people to ask … knowledge is power and understanding the benefits will only help you in your essential oils venture….

First, you will receive support.  Essential Oils and the benefits that they bring are so in-depth that a beginner, or even experienced, user can be overwhelmed very quickly.  Brian & I have been using essential oils for many years.  Through a combination of experience and trial and error, we have honed in on what mixtures and oils work best for us in most situations.  We can also use this experience to make recommendations for uses based on your specific situation.  We encourage you to REACH OUT TO US for questions and concerns regarding what you are trying to accomplish through the use of essential oils.

Second, you will receive discounts.  If you sign up to become a wholesale member, you will receive up to 24% off your oils.  There are no membership fees or commitments.  You can cancel any time and not owe a dime.  I cannot stress this enough.  This is a win-win for us because there’s literally no risk to becoming a member.  The only requirement is that you spend at least $50 per year (of products YOU choose and products YOU want) to maintain your membership status.  Too easy….

Finally, you will become a member of a community that understands the benefits of essential oils and enjoys sharing their experiences with each other.  We have partnered with the well-established facebook group, Essentially Abundant, that provides its community with one of the strongest resources: each other.  Brian & I are experienced in this industry but no one can match the experience of a supporting team of 50+ individuals that all share the same passion.  This group is constantly growing and is a massive resource that becomes available to you for free!


If all of this sounds great to you, please click here to join us today!