Our Favorite Gluten Free Cookbook

Let’s Make Sense Out of All This!

Let’s Face it.  Everyone needs to start somewhere when it comes to changing their diet or expanding on their existing food options.  Iowa Girl Eats has made this extremely easy to do with her extensive cookbook.  Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick snack — she covers it all.

The best Gluten Free Cookbook

Courtney & I got the groundwork for our gluten free diet from this cookbook.  It has so many great recipes and tips that you can really build off of everyday.

The author, Kristin Porter, does a great job relating to all of us in a way that is impactful and memorable.  She shares her story about her battle with celiac disease — from early symptoms, to diagnose, to her everyday lifestyle adaptions.  She offers her vast array of knowledge at a low cost, including where gluten can be found in unexpected foods!  This book will literally save you hundreds of hours in research, and many uncomfortable days from unexpected gluten intake.

One of the biggest values this e-book offers is the 30 Day Meal Plan.  This meal plan is more than enough to get your habits adjusted and headed in the right direction.  She makes it super easy by embedding links throughout the meal plan to her recipes.  She also provides an extensive shopping list for each week in the meal plan.  There’s literally no guess work needed, she has done all of the hard work for you!

The best part is, it is super cheap!  It’s a one time purchase of $29.99!  It’s a digital download, so you can always refer to it on your tablet or phone.

Follow the link below to gain a bigger insight into Kristin’s journey, as well as purchase her valuable e-Book!!

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