About Us!

We are Brian and Courtney.  Together, we are raising 2 boys – with another one on the way!  Throughout the years, we have made an effort to raise our children as healthy as possible.  Neither of our children have ever eaten fast food and we try our best to teach them the value of real, organic foods.

In the last year or so, our oldest son has developed a sensitivity to gluten and dairy.  We went through the stages of learning about gluten and how to avoid it but came out disappointed in the meal options available to him.  After all, he’s still just a young kid and likes to enjoy “kid things” like mac and cheese, pb&j and other gluten-filled foods.  We decided to make it our goal to have this sensitivity impact his food options as little as possible.  Through this blog, we hope to give you some insight on how we are managing this so you too can live a pain-free, gluten free life!