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CBD?  You really do that stuff?

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Aren’t you afraid of getting high?the truth about cbd

….Is that stuff even legal?

What if I get addicted?

You laugh, but these are serious questions people ask on a regular basis when they hear those 3 letters together. 

I’m here to dispel the myths, teach the benefits, and hopefully change the way you look at it.

Cannabidiol is a powerful, natural, safe way to manage pain.

That’s the gist of it, but let’s break it down.

What is CBD and where is it from?


Okay, so here’s the biggest road block.  

You know it, I know it….CBD (Cannabidiol) comes from marijuana and hemp plants.

Yes, those iconic plants that people have used to get a “high” for decades.

But, I promise you, Cheech & Chong would have ZERO interest in smoking CBD.

You see, Marijuana contains many compounds and not all are mind altering.  

In fact, CBD contains zero mind altering capabilities.  It is not psychoactive!

Marijuana farmers have used compounds to alter the ratio of THC and CBD in them. 


Naturally, marijuana plants do not contain high levels of THC.  In fact, marijuana plants are altered for the purpose of farming marijuana as you know it (or have heard of it!)  

So, rest assured, CBD is a natural occurring bi-product of marijuana plants that will not make you high or see crazy things!  

So now that we know where it’s from and what it is, why should I care?


Well, the last time you had a sore muscle or joint — did you reach for ibuprofen or another pain killer?  Did you think about what you were putting into your body or did you just trust that the company that made that medicine knows what’s best for you?

CBD is all natural.  It is a plant and has minimal known side effects.  

CBD is being used to assist in the recovery of many ailments.  From my research, these include:

Natural Pain Relief and Inflammation

Quitting addictive substances including smoking


Fighting Cancer


Type 1 Diabetes


Alzheimer’s Disease

Sleep Disorders


There’s been tons of research on the benefits of CBD but, unfortunately, it has zero FDA approval for any of these claims.  Like always, check with your physician if you have any concerns.  

This all sounds cool — what’s the best way to try it?


Cannabidiol comes in many forms.  You can purchase it as a pill, ointment, or even a gummy bear.  The most common use for CBD is for combating inflammation.  Much like turmeric, which you can read about the benefits here, CBD is highly effective here.  

Like other natural/organic remedies, CBD comes at a premium price tag.  Luckily, our friends at Prosper CBD are currently offering free samples of their anti-inflammatory ointment.  You have to pay for shipping, but I’m willing to bet you’ll end up buying a jar after you try it.  You can grab a free sample here!

Want to learn more?  Click here!  Information in this post was derived from this article.  

Trying to educate a friend on CBD?  Share this article!  I tried my best to make it as basic as possible!  Also, feel free to share the link to the free samples!





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