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How to Avoid Sugar on Halloween!


Is it even possible to avoid sugar on halloween?  YES!  Let me explain.How to Avoid Sugar on Halloween

Halloween is such a fun holiday.  We get to decorate our houses — and our kids!


But let’s be real, sugar overload has its consequences.

Sugar is so bad for us yet highly addictive.

We need to come up with a plan to avoid sugar on halloween!  After all, we know sugar is one of those substances that over 98% of the population is addicted to and it’s destroying our health.  You can find out more about that by signing up below!

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When Courtney & I had our first child, we were overwhelmingly excited for his first Halloween!

The first one is definitely not about the child, it’s for the awe factor of having a cute baby dressed up.

Nonetheless, we wanted to participate and create photographic memories he can look back on!

After all, everything we do from this point on would be documented in photographs for years of preservation!

Trick-O-Treating without candy!  Eliminate that sugar!

Okay, okay so there’s definitely candy involved.  For some reason, I think the efforts of trying to get the entire town to hand out fruits and veggies instead of candy would be one that isn’t worthwhile.

But, that doesn’t mean we have to ingest the candy, right?

Who’s office doesn’t love getting leftover candy?  That’s where ours goes!


Don’t tell the kids!


As far as our kids are aware, the candy has been swooped up by some magical witch called the switch witch!

This crazy lady has the magical power of knowing exactly what to exchange the candy with — she’s right 100% of the time!

Our methods:


Leading up to Halloween, start taking note of what you would like your child to exchange their candy for!

Much like Christmas, birthday’s etc….. you need to make a list, check it twice, and build the hype!

Clue your kids in on the plan — make a special area in your house and tell them that if they leave their candy there overnight, the switch witch will know they want it swapped for something better!

Now this part is optional, but we do allow the kids to choose 3-5 pieces of candy (small) to keep for the coming days.

How tell sell the idea to your kids:


It’s simple.  Long term happiness.  We tell our kids, you can either keep the candy or put it out to be swapped.  But remember, if you choose to keep the candy it goes under the fort knox control of your parents!  This will not be an all you can eat sugar fest!

Once we drop that line, our kids have ALWAYS come to terms that they will find more enjoyment out of whatever the switch witch leaves for them.How to Avoid Sugar on Halloween

It’s also a good idea to have the kids create a list specifically for the switch witch.  Let them choose their destiny — sorta.  Let it be known that the switch witch only leaves one gift, so make sure everything on that list is worthy.  And, of course, make sure you guide them towards items that fit within your budget.

What are your thoughts?  Sound like a plan?

If you need some examples of things we’ve had the switch witch replace their candy with, check out the links below!

Learn about the scary truth about sugar by watching this video!

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