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Father’s Day is rapidly approaching so I figured I’d throw together a list of gift ideas. I personally own all of these items and use them on a regularly basis!

Kettle Pizza. This thing is a game changer. It allows you to cook oven at high temp using your existing Weber charcoal grill. All you do is simply insert the kettle pizza device on top of your cooking grate and put the cover on it. You use traditional charcoal and wood logs (for added heat) to get the grill up to 750-800 degrees! I love this device because it allows me to cook pizza at a rapid pace. Pizza is now in my BBQ repertoire. I can easily make individual pizzas for every guest in almost the same amount of time as it would normally take me to make standard BBQ options! Amazing.

Happy Father's Day!  Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Kettle Pizza is great because it can easily be removed to restore your grill to its traditional usage. All you do is lift the cover and then lift the kettle pizza ring off the grill. There’s no tools required — it really is effortless! I’ve included links to other accessories you’l want to grab so your dad can create his own pizzeria experience. There’s nothing more genuine and exciting than the smile on your dad’s face as he shows off his outdoor cooking skills — and Kettle Pizza gets high marks for that!

A Good Flashlight. Everyone needs a good flashlight, and most dad’s can appreciate the safety and reliability one can bring to a home. I really like this flashlight because it’s super bright, but compact. It allows me to let the dogs out — or check on that noise one of our kids (or wife) thinks she may have heard outside. Speaking of lights, I would also throw in a head lamp because being able to use my hands while I am working outside is so valuable!

A beer making kit! Yes, we are a family that thrives on healthy food — but I am also a beer connoisseur that makes my own beer. I couldn’t leave this off the list. There’s something very satisfying about making your own beer for yourself, as well as others to enjoy! That first sip is a proud moment every dad should experience. I got started with this kit from Northern Brewer. Northern Brewer is a great company to work with and I still order most of my supplies from them. Making beer is very easy, and gratifying, and I believe this kit could kick-start a passion for any beer loving dad! Help your dad kick start a new hobby this Father’s Day!

Noise Cancelling Headphones. Everyone needs a break, and most people love music. These headphones are great for blocking out all surrounding sounds. I use mine on my lawn mower, as well as when I am traveling by plane. They’re excellent and very comfortable.

For every dad, there’s always the best gift you can give him — your time. This list has something for everyone, but nothing can replace the time you spend with him. Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! Enjoy and be sure to check out my post about beard oil as well! Beard oil is something you can make from home, with the help of essential oils. It makes your beard softer and takes the itch out of it! It also leaves a lasting fragrance that will brighten your day.

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