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CBD Oil is a powerful oil. It is also somewhat controversial. I believe the controversy lies in the belief that it has the same affects as another cannabis product; marijuana.

CBD Oil does not get you high. It contains little, almost immeasureable, amounts of THC. In fact, a failed drug test is practically unheard of for users of solely CBD Oil.

So what’s the hype?

CBD Oil is said to support multiple health systems. The truth is, people will find different benefits of this oil and if it works for you, I suggest you promote it as much as possible! It should not be a taboo product and is no different than any other essential oil. In fact, there are MANY essential oils that offer similar wellness supportive benefits and attributes. These include Copaiba for its muscle support and Lavender for its relaxation benefits.

So my question, for all the users of CBD Oil that have not ventured into other essential oils is, why not? Essential Oils are a powerful, supportive supplement that should not be ignored. Not a day goes by that I do not use multiple essential oils, including CBD Oil, and I believe that CBD Oil belongs in the essential oils conversation.

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