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You did it.

You gave into the battle and searched for help on how to get your husband hooked on the very oils you rely on on a daily basis.

Whether you want him to start using them for his own health support or you just want him to support your usage (and expenses!), here are a few tips on what got ME hooked:

  1. Don’t try to push them on him.  Simply diffuse a different blend daily!  It is important to change up what you are diffusing because if you diffuse the same scents on a daily basis, eventually it becomes less noticeable.  A big win here would be to diffuse a scent that supports his emotional/health well-being.  After a stressful day of work, throw in some Peace & Calming and let the magic happen.  To get going and feel productive, I like to diffuse a blend of peppermint, lime, orange, and frankincense.
  2. If he has a beard, make him a beard oil.  Seriously….this is the game changer for me.  I started using the beard oil (reluctantly) but have used it daily ever since my wife introduced it to me.  It makes my beard much softer AND fuller.  It also makes combing it straight much easier.  I believe that a good beard builds confidence and what better way to increase the overall benefits of it by using some powerful EO’s in your mix.  If you need a solid recipe, check out my other post here.
  3. Does he drink energy drinks?  Introduce him to NingXia Nitro.  This can be added to NingXia Zyng and is the most natural feeling energy booster I’ve ever ingested.  They taste great and have none of the chemicals that regular convenience store energy drinks contain.  I’m confident that if you stick to just giving him them to try, he will get hooked and find them easy to replace. PLUS, an added bonus is that it costs MUCH less than convenience store energy drinks!!!!!


That’s it!  I believe at least 2 of the 3 tips are applicable for all men and are the recipe for getting them hooked.  Comment below if you’ve had any other tricks that have luckily got your other half involved!

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