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Let’s talk beards.

If you found this post, there’s a good chance you’ve seen several social media ads advocating beard hygiene and the use of oils or butters.

So what are the benefits of using oils/butters on your beard?  It’s simple:  they soften and make your beard more manageable — and tolerable!  Courtney, being the essential oils expert she is, decided to make an essential oil blended beard oil for me.  I’ve had a beard, though short and maintained, since the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013(!!!!).  I’ve never used oil before, but decided to give it a try.  I’ve since added it to my daily routine and couldn’t imagine going without it!

Beard oil is a super simple recipe and will have an immediate impact on your life! Check out what I use and comment below if you give it a try!

BTW!  I prefer Grapeseed oil in this recipe since it is great for sensitive skin.

Beard Oil

3 Drops Lavender Oil

5 Drops Frankincense Oil

5 Drops Cedarwood Oil

5 Drops Orange Oil

2 ounces Carrier Oil (Grapeseed)

Combine all ingredients into a glass eye dropper bottle.  After showering, apply approximately half an eye dropper to your palm and rub hands together.  Spread throughout your beard.  Make sure you wash your hands immediately afterwards so you do not risk ruining your clothes.

I’ve included links to products we used on Amazon.  These are affiliate links and help support our blog!

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