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Over the years we have learned a thing or two about how to prepare for warm weather family vacations (and the long car drives). Each time we went on a trip we observed other families as well as remembered what works best for our kiddos. Here are a few tips we think work best.
Please note:  We’ve added several links to this post that relate directly to our recommendations and are actual products we have purchased.  If you have any further questions about the products, please ask!

Quick Dry Clothing – this is super important for us now. Previously we would go on a water ride and then hope we dried it before getting back in the car (or I would have to remember to pack another set of clothes for EVERYONE). To save time and clothes, get some clothes that dry fast. These clothes will also be very useful as the weather cools down, since they can dry quickly.

Sunscreen – yes this seem obvious, but throughout the years we have found that buying the right kind makes it less of a fight with the kiddos. We buy a face stick so the kids can “draw” on their faces themselves. Our oldest loves that he can also do his neck since he says it tickles too much when we apply it for him. This also speeds up the application of sunscreen since I can pass them the face stick while still driving or while I’m applying sunscreen on another kid. We also buy Young Livings mineral sun screen because we LOVE the way it feels.

Snacks – Yes, we all know kids live for snacks. My kids would snack allll day if we let them. While on vacation we try our best to avoid a hangry kid. We pack a small lunchbox with a variety of granola bars, squeeze pouches and protein bars.

Necklace Fans – My husband and I bought these for a baseball game over 5 years ago, but they have become an essential item in our warm weather travel. The kids love to wear them!

Probiotics – Sometimes vacation means foods and treats our belly’s aren’t use to, so it is very important to take a daily probiotic. Probiotics keep the gut healthy and can support the immune system. Young living recently came out with a probiotic that my children LOVE and tell us it tastes like candy. Before Young Living released their kid probiotic we tried other brands, but they say this kind is hands down their favorite and ensure to remind us daily for it. They look at it as a treat more than a vitamin.

Mesh Liner – This liner comes in two sizes: one for infant seats and one for a stroller/convertible car seats. We use the infant car seat one in our Cicco Keyfit infant car seat and it does a great job keeping our littlest kid cool while we are inside and outside.

Stroller Fan – I mentioned the necklace fans above, but this fan is a great addition to the stroller and helps keep air moving inside the infant car seat/stroller.

Waterproof Raincoats – This isn’t typically something you enjoy packing, especially since not many people want rain during a vacation. BUT it is a great idea to be prepared for the worse, and that way you can enjoy time in the rain! On a recent trip to New Hampshire we saw rain in the afternoon forecast. Instead of planning for an afternoon indoors, we decided to dress rain-appropriate and head to Story Land. It was the BEST decision ever. We zipped through SO many rides and had NO lines. At one point we were the only peopl