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How to Make Bullet Proof Coffee Using MCT OILBullet. Proof. Coffee.

Oh my this is so delicious today!

This isn’t my first time having one, but it is the first time I decided to add Manuka honey, yum! Just keep in mind adding honey/sugar negates the potential fat burning effects of this drink, but I do add it as a treat sometimes.  Stevia is the ideal daily sweetener to use in bullet proof coffee.

My typical bullet proof coffee consists of MCT oil, grass fed butter, coffee (duh, but we grind ours fresh everyday – it makes it extra delicious), and can’t forget the best flavoring – Vitality Thieves!

I’d have to say the secret ingredients to my NEW version of bullet proof coffee are definitely Honey and Thieves Vitality!

If you aren’t sure how to MAKE bullet proof coffee, here are the basics:

1) Brew your cup of coffee.  I suggest the Ninja Coffee Maker we discussed in a previous post.

2) In your blender, combine the following and blend for 5 seconds:

~1 TBSP Grass Fed Butter

~1 TBSP Coconut Oil or MCT Oil

~1 drop Thieves Vitality

~Your cup of brewed coffee

~Stevia or honey (we prefer manuka, but any will do)

That’s it!  So simple yet so good….your Starbuck’s totin’ coworkers will be jealous of the aroma this coffee gives off and you will never want to start another day without it!  Enjoy!

Do any of you drink bullet proof coffee? What are your secret ingredients? What essential oil do you add to your coffee?

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