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DiGize — Our Story

About a year and half ago, I arrived at daycare to see my oldest son crying loudly saying his belly hurt. My heart broke, he had been telling me his belly hurt for a few months, but we thought he was just trying to get out of eating a meal he didn’t prefer.

After a few doctor appointments, a ultrasound, and a blood test (horrible for kiddos) we had no answers. A friend helped me make a DiGize roller that could help support Teagan’s digestive system.


We were hooked onto this essential oil – DiGize!


Man was this essential oil blend a game changer for our family. This is now a MUST HAVE oil to keep in the diaper bag and work bag!


We feel like we make a tummy roller for everyone we know, and we always receive such great responses about it.


Recently I left on a business trip and I KNEW I couldn’t take the tummy roller since it was a go-to roller for the entire family.  So I whipped up another one for just ME. 🙂

How We Use It

The initial roller recipe was simply DiGize oil mixed with fractionated coconut oil.  But now we make it with DiGize, Ginger and Peppermint essential oilv


For ours kids we stick to 25 drops to a 10mL roller:


Using an empty 10mL roller ball bottle, add each essential oil and then fill the rest of the roller with the fractionated coconut oil.  Done!  Easy!


Apply the roller ball directly to the belly, as needed.

Looking for ways to naturally support your body’s fight against inflamattion? Check out our post about the wonders of Turmeric!

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