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I know a lot of people love their Keurig machines.  Nothing is better than a quick cup of joe in the morning with minimal effort.  There’s also something to be said about a good cup of coffee though — you know, pretty much any cup of coffee not made in a Keurig machine.  Slowly percolated, french pressed, pour over….just a few of the methods that creates coffee that is richer in flavor and overall more satisfying than most Keurig varieties.  In fact, I’d bet most of us have forgotten what it’s like to have a “normal” cup of coffee! [convertkit form=5170755] 

Courtney and I were discussing this a few years back when our Keurig died (again!)  I had mentioned how tired I was of replacing our Keurig every couple of years.  Shouldn’t something so basic last for a long time?  Why do these machines seem to die so quickly, and abruptly, leaving us in a complete state of caffeine deprivation?  Also, do we really need to contribute to the waste created by these k-cups on a daily basis?  Enter the Ninja Coffee Station.  This thing is awesome.  It makes the coffee at the perfect temperature.  The flavor is excellent, and it is very easy to use.  It makes single cup servings, travel size for larger travel mugs, and 10 cups at once!  It even comes with a stainless steel carafe that helps keep the coffee hot for an extended period of time!  It has an attached milk frother if making lattes/cappuccino’s are your thing and boy does it work perfectly.  We use almond/coconut milk mix and it still froths it perfectly.  We highly recommend it and if you’re dying to bring good coffee back into your life, give it a whirl!

A few things to mention — I highly recommend trying out a hand crank coffee grinder.  They can get the grounds to a smaller, more fine ground which tends to make a stronger coffee.  Or, if you like milder coffee, you can adjust it to make coarse grinds.  If you need to be quiet in the morning, as in you like to get up a bit earlier than the kids so you can have some peace before the madness sets in, this also helps with that.  Of course, if you prefer to use an electric grinder for ease of use or if you need to make a big pot, go for it.  Just remember, coffee grounds start to lose their flavor shortly after they’ve been ground!  Grind them right before you make your cup for best flavor.  I will admit I do occasionally prep my grounds and coffee the night before though.

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